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A Student's Guide to the History and Philosophy of Yoga, by Peter Connolly PDF

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By Peter Connolly

ISBN-10: 1845532244

ISBN-13: 9781845532246

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ISBN-13: 9781845532369

The be aware 'yoga' evokes within the minds of many Westerners photos of individuals appearing workouts and adopting strange, occasionally contortive postures. Such workouts and postures do have a spot in the perform of yoga, however it is way greater than that. certainly, the early literature on yoga describes and defines it as a kind of psychological instead of actual self-discipline. Yoga is usually linked to the Indian subcontinent and the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. This revised variation of a vintage textbook concentrates at the evolution of yoga within the context of Indian tradition, even though the ultimate chapters additionally discover a few of its hyperlinks with non-Indian mystical traditions and a few of its advancements outdoors of India throughout the glossy interval. The publication is geared toward either collage scholars taking classes in Comparative faith and Philosophy and practitioners of yoga who search to move past the job and discover its religious dimensions. for that reason, it provides yoga within the context of its historic evolution in India and seeks to give an explanation for the character of its institutions with a variety of metaphysical doctrines. The paintings additionally attracts upon a couple of conceptual schemes designed to facilitate comparative examine. a few of these are hired in the course of the ebook in an effort to hyperlink the cloth from every one bankruptcy jointly inside a typical framework. This variation contains revisions and expansions to so much chapters and comprises one new bankruptcy at the way forward for smooth yoga within the West

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In Rawlinsonís model, it would be HotñStructured: magical techniques are employed in a systematic manner. YOGA IN THE TEXTS OF THE VEDA 33 THE UPANI®ADS The Upani¶ads constitute the fourth and final part of the Veda; hence, they are often referred to as the Vedånta (Vedaís End). The philosophical school known as Vedånta is that which bases its teachings on the Upani¶ads. There are many Upani¶ads, many more than the traditional number of 108, though it is generally recognized amongst scholars that only a few are genuinely Vedic.

Will Western practitioners of yoga want to subscribe to or be comfortable with a cyclical view of time and the idea of an ideal system of social regulation? Will they want to accept the ëlaw of karmaí and the resultant sa√såric process as an accurate account of the fundamental forces that determine human life and experience? Will they accept the kind of macrocosmñmicrocosm correspondences that ancient yoga texts presume to exist, and, perhaps most significantly, will they accept an understanding of language that puts it in a non-arbitrary relationship with the world of things?

By the time of the Maitr∂ Upani¶ad, different stages of mental concentration were being recognized. 18 outlines a sixfold yoga practice consisting of breath control (pråƒåyåma), sense withdrawal (pratyåhåra), concentration (dhyåna), deeper concentration (dhåraƒå), contemplation (tarka) and absorption (samådhi). There are a number of points to note about this list. In the first place, five of the six components of this list are found in Pata¤jaliís later eightfold yoga, tarka being the one omitted.

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