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By Willard Flint

Of the few individuals steeped within the wisdom of this little identified department of the Lighthouse carrier, Mr. Flint needs to absolutely be thought of the chief. within the 1980’s Mr. Flint released the definitive old checklist of all lightships and stations for the Coast shield and this glorious pamphlet stems from that activity. full of 29 distinctive b/w photos, this ebook chronicles the various vital historical past, mess ups and lifestyles aboard those vessels. an excellent publication.

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In trying to tell a story such as that of our controversy, we are evidently speaking of a society in which neither professional 'linguists' nor space for a discipline such as 'linguistics' existed. It is equally obvious that no agreement on objectives, procedures and terms could exist under such conditions. Each scholar was free to pursue his enquiries in accordance with his own interests and with social conventions heading to a variety of disciplines and milieus. In the Italian Quattrocento the establishment of 'paradigms', which according to Kuhn (1962) marks the beginning of a 'normal science', of course, is far away in the future.

1270?. Martini de Dacia Opera. Ed. ) Copenhagen: Gad, 1961. Mengaldo, Vincenzo. 1968. "Introduzione". Dante, De Vulgari Eloquentia, VII-CXXV. Padova: Antenore. ---- . 1971a. "Gramatica". vol. III, 259-64. Roma: Istituto dell' Enciclopedia Italiana. ---- . 1971b. "Le teorie dantesche sulla lingua". , 656-62. ---- . 1978. Linguistica e retorica di Dante. Pisa: Nistri-Lischi. Pagliaro, Antonino. 1966. Ulisse: Ricerche semantiche sulla Divina Com­ media. 2 vols. Messina & Firenze: D'Anna. ---- . 1971.

We are here at an important crossroad in the history of linguistic thought. One could choose to stick to the categories of classical grammar, which implied exclusion of the vernacular from the field of what was properly recognizable as 'language'. This is what Guarino does, in a most sophisticated manner in­ deed. Alternatively, one could yield to the empirical reality of the vernacular, recognize its existence and pose some unprejudiced questions about it; but this implied a breakdown of that relationship between spoken and written lan­ guage which classical grammar summarized in the notion of littera.

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