Announcing A Brand New Valuable Resource in Texas That Willl Revolutionize Service Learning & Public Engagement Efforts
Texas Campus Compact

November, 2011

Dear Friends,

Imagine this scenario.

Your organization, whether it be a nonprofit or for profit, has planned an upcoming event that would be enhanced by the help of some college student volunteers. You found, allowing you to post the details of your event for free and have access to more than 70 higher education campuses across the state, with the potential to reach 800,000 college students.

Close by, Professor Jane Good, who teaches philosophy at your hometown college or university, is looking for volunteer and internship opportunities for her students.

You’ve done your part, now what about Professor Good? How would you connect?

Here’s what happens next: Professor Good sees your posting and sends her students, who are all signed up on My Texas Helps, a link to YOUR volunteer opportunity. The students send it to their friends and student groups on campus.

Professor Good also sends the opportunity to her colleagues via email.  Her colleagues tell their students, too. Now the engaged students and colleagues on her campus will sign up to volunteer, making your event a success, while spreading the word about your organization to more people across our great state.

Finally, with the click of a link, a great way to find qualified volunteers to serve your needs:

Texas Campus Compact is proud to introduce My Texas Helps – a new, revolutionary way for students, educators, non-profits and businesses to connect in the state of Texas.

My Texas Helps is designed to connect Texas students with non-profit organizations and businesses, so they can engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities, apply for internships, and find jobs after graduation.

My Texas Helps will serve as a conduit for businesses, non-profits, and campuses to create new partnerships, and more opportunities for students and communities, to engage in solving current needs.

For over a decade now, Texas Campus Compact has worked to provide opportunities for students who want to give to their communities via service learning, and for faculty members and higher education administrators who understand the importance of service learning in developing well-rounded college students. My Texas Helps aims to build upon this existing network of statewide campuses by involving non-profits and businesses.

Once you’re a member of My Texas Helps, you’ll be able to post volunteer and job opportunities, increase visibility of your organization or business, view student resumes, and showcase how your organization is engaging with the community.

If you’re interested in joining, send an email to , and we’ll send you registration and log-in instructions when the site goes live.

Patricia Spencer Potyka, MA

Executive Director

Texas Campus Compact