Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas is Bursting Our of the Walls!
Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Central Texas

November, 2010





As announced at the banquet and as promised to the women of Central Texas, we're busting out the walls at our location across from the abortion clinic and making more room for women contemplating abortion to come in BEFORE they make an unfortunate decision to end their pregnancy.  Because of the faithfulness of many this year, we are able to add 6 counseling rooms, another ultrasound and a private waiting room - all debt free!  However, we WILL have to furnish it with lawn furniture unless we can get it donatedJ


We still need furniture, painting and carpet so if you or anyone you know would like to join in this project over the holidays, let me know.  It will take 2 days to paint it, and $13,500 to furnish it to match the rest of the space.   I'd love to hear from you, have a great day!


new counseling rooms


front waiting room


private waiting room


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Care Net Executive Director