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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Foundation update
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May, 2009





The Fondren Foundation was formed in 1948 as a trust under the Texas Trust Code.  Its principal office is located in Houston, Texas.

The purposes for which The Fondren Foundation was formed are set forth in Article V of the Trust Indenture:

“The entire trust hereby created and each and every part thereof, and all income thereto, not required to be expended in paying the reasonable costs incident to the administration of the trust, shall be held, administered, used and disposed of exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, and/or educational purposes, and the broadest powers are hereby given the trustees to accomplish said purposes.”


As a matter of policy, The Fondren Foundation does not make grants to individuals, nor are grants made to annual fund drives. The Fondren Foundation does not make grants to Type III Supporting Organizations.


Although all qualifying proposals are considered, the vast majority of grants made by the Foundation support programs and projects benefiting the Houston community.


Due to the number of requests submitted, opportunities for personal interviews with representatives of applicant organizations are very limited.


The Foundation’s Board of Governors meets on a quarterly basis to consider grant proposals.  Meetings are generally held in early March, June, September, and December.  Proposals should be submitted by the first day of the month preceding the month of a meeting.  For example, grant proposals to be considered at the March meeting should be submitted by February 1.


There is no grant application form provided or required by the Foundation.  Grant requests should be submitted in the form of a brief written proposal that includes the following:


a)             A brief, narrative history of the organization’s purpose and work;

b)             A specific description of the program or project for which support is asked;

c)             A statement of the amount of funds requested, the total amount raised to date; a list of the major donors;

d)             The date by which funds are needed;

e)             Copies of all Internal Revenue Service letters to indicate the current tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code; and

f)                    A list of Trustees or Board of Directors and principal staff

g)                   The spending policy must be provided for grant requests for endowments

The Board of Governors, in its sole discretion, may decline to review any proposal which does not include the required documentation listed in (a) – (g) above.  Multiple proposal copies are not necessary.  Please do not send videotapes, DVDs, or CDs.   The Fondren Foundation prefers not to make annual gifts for operational support. Grant requests may be directed to:


                                            The Fondren Foundation

                                            P.O. Box 2558

                                            Houston, Texas 77252-8305


                                                                                BOARD OF GOVERNORS


                Doris Fondren Allday                             Walter W. Fondren, IV                           Duncan K. Underwood

                R. Edwin Allday                                     Marie Fondren Hall                                 Lynda Knapp Underwood

                Laura Trammell Baird                             Michael Hanson                                      Sue Trammell Whitfield

                Ellanor Allday Camberg                          Catherine Underwood Murray                W. Trammell Whitfield

                Celia Whitfield Crank                              Michael W. Springer                               William F. Whitfield, Jr.         

                Bentley  B. Fondren                                Carrie Trammell Sturges

                Frances Fondren                                     Ann G. Trammell

Leland T. Fondren                                   Harper B. Trammell                               

                Robert E. Fondren                                   David M. Underwood                            

                Walter W. Fondren, III                            David M. Underwood, Jr.


2008-2009 OFFICERS


 Robert E. Fondren, Chairman

 Michael Hanson, Jr., Vice Chairman

 Laura Trammell Baird, Secretary-Treasurer

Martie Herrick, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer

Dede Dearing, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer


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