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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary Charity Motors Car Donation Program
Press Release

May, 2009

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary - Providing a Safe and Caring Environment for Exotic Animals
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Issue 34, May 05, 2009

Charity Motors Car Donation Program


The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary is now one of the charitable organizations participating Charity Motors Car Donation Program. People can donate a car they no longer want/need, receive a tax deduction, and designate IEAS to receive the proceeds from the sale of their car! If you are interested in participating in this program, please call Charity Motors at (972)-CHARITY and designate IEAS as your charity.

May Birthdays!

Newt Newt

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1994
Arrived May 1, 1996

Newt will turn 15 years old this month! Newt loves to lie on his highest perch and just watch his surroundings during the days. Once evening comes, he likes to come down and explore. He also loves to keep a close watch on his two female bobcat neighbors, Baby and Cookie!


Tassers Tassers

Male Bobcat
Born May 5, 1988
Arrived August 1, 1991

Tassers will be 21 years old this month. Tassers lives with another male bobcat, Tiger. During the winter, Tiger and Tassers love to snuggle up together in the warm hay in their houses. Once the weather starts to warm up, you will usually find them in the cool shade of their cave.


Shasta Shasta

Male Cougar
Born May 9, 1993
Arrived July 9, 1993

Shasta will be 16 years old on May 9th. Shasta is one cougar that can be a very picky eater. He will not eat the regular Triple A beef that we feed unless it is mixed with some tasty beef heart pieces. If we give him too much Triple A, and not enough tasty heart, he will certainly let you putting his bowling ball in his pan of food! This really means..."more heart please!"


Mia Mia

Female Amur Leopard
Born May 12, 1997
Arrived January 25, 1998

Mia will be 12 years old this month! Right now, Mia likes to sit down right in front of her house to wait for breakfast. But every couple of months, that changes. Mia will change her "morning spot" from in front of her house to a perch or a tree...making it very difficult for the staff and interns to find her at feeding time. Mia camouflages very well in her habitat! See if you can spot Mia on your tour! Be sure to check all of the perches and trees! You may not be able to see her, but I guarantee that she is watching you!


Bob9 Bob9

Male Bobcat
Born May 12, 1994
Arrived June 1, 1995

Bob9 also has a birthday on May 12th! He will be 15 years old. Bob is not very active during the day. He likes to nap on his perch for most of the time. But once everything quiets down and everyone goes home for the evening, he loves to come out and play! He'll chase lizards, birds, bugs...even grass blowing in the wind!


Zippy Zippy

Female Bengal Tiger
Born May 20, 2001
Rescued October 9, 2008

Zippy was rescued from what was called a make-shift home zoo in Crystal Beach, TX. She was abandoned during Hurricane Ike and was able to survive the devastating storm. She was brought to IEAS with the assistance of Two-time NASCAR champion, Tony Stewart, and The Tony Stewart Foundation. Zippy was named by the Tony Stewart Foundation in honor of Tony's crew chief, Greg Zipadelli.


Bruno Bruno

Male Tiger
Born May 29, 1993
Arrived January 1, 1995

Bruno will be 16 years old this month. Bruno was found with BB, a male cougar, in a house in Fort Worth. Both had been abandoned for about seven days with no food or water. They were rescued by the North Texas Humane Society and then sent to IEAS. BB and Bruno now live in separate habitats, right next to each other so that they are still able to see each other every day. Bruno will usually come out to say hello and "chuff" at you on your tour. He enjoys attention from visitors and will sometimes go swimming in his pool or play with one of his toys.



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