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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Pat and Don Williamson Evaluation Center Lights the Way
Press Release

December, 2008

Last fall a middle school student came in for an evaluation. He was receiving special education services, but his parents wanted further documentation of his strengths and weaknesses. He was not passing his classes at the time, and math in particular was a problem. The upcoming TAKS test had hisfamily concerned.

The Learning Center’s assessment indicated he was a smart young man with specific learning differences as well as ADHD. His self esteem was low, so the diagnostician had hoped the input regarding his strengths would be helpful to him. 

This fall his mother jubilantly called to confirm that her son is doing great. In high school now, he is passing all classes and has achieved a high B average in Algebra! Because of his passing grades, he is playing football. As his mom puts it, he is "feeling 10 feet tall and bullet proof!"

She always knew her son could do it, that he just needed reinforcement from another source to confirm his experience and build his confidence. Another client needed an evaluation to document her need for extended time and a quiet, solitary setting in which to take the test to get into nursing school.

Her family of five lives in campus housing, and she has a young child with ADHD, so qualifying for sliding scale funding through The Learning Center had been a blessing. She had already taken the test unsuccessfully. She also had attention difficulties but worked diligently.

The evaluation results indicated a definite need for accommodations on tests, and she applied for services almost immediately. She happily reported back to her diagnostician that she had not only passed, but passed with flying colors! All it took was affirmation that her learning differences are real and that she can succeed with appropriate accommodations.  

The Learning Center of North Texas is proud to be a part of our clients’ success stories. For information about scheduling an evaluation, call Robin Galvãn at 817-336-0808 x100. And visit


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