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Monday, November 20, 2017

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🐾Introducing our new animal residents🐾
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

November, 2015

November 2015
Let's give a big, warm, welcome to our new animal residents!
Introducing the new guys/gals of IEAS.
*Including the recently introduced tigers.*

Thanks to our Emotional Enrichment Program, each new addition is settling in nicely. We look forward to caring for each and every one of them.
Wiki: a male Jaguar.
Wiki is an exciting new addition to IEAS. Once again, the IEAS Family will include this magnificent spotted cat. Wiki will not only get an excellent quality of life here, but he will also help us educate everyone about his wild cousins and their plight.
Romulus: A Male Gray Wolf
Remus: A Female Gray Wolf
Romulus and Remus are our new Canid additions to the IEAS Family. Both are settling in nicely at their new home and will allow us to include the gray wolf in our conservation education.
Follow up to the Oct 26th newsletter

6 Month old tigers:
Both are now named! 1.5 Year old tigers:
  • Names Coming Soon!!
1.5 Year Old Tigers
Names Coming Soon!!
Louis & Julia
6 month old tigers
Want to come see or support them?
Here are your options: 
1. Visit us for a tour
Sign up for a tour
2. Animal Packets
*Make excellent gifts*
Learn more about animal packets
3. Adopt an animal
*Become an adoptive parent*
Learn more about animal adoptions
4. Donate
*Every donation adds up and allows us to give them a quality home*
Help Support the Animals

...Give a memorable gift and feel good doing it...
Consider giving that special someone an Animal Packet or even getting an Adoption in their name!!

Each of the above methods greatly helps the animal residents of IEAS.

Please contact our Office with any questions or to set up your Animal Packet/Animal Adoption.
The arrival of the new IEAS residents!

Contains clips of all the new residents and some of their earlier explorations.
DOB: 11/3/05
More Info
DOB: 11/9/96
More Info
DOB: 11/13/09
More Info
Thank You to our Supporters
Each pumpkin helps and we'd like to send an extra 'Thank You' to: Rainbow Plant Sales in Saginaw, Heritage Church of Christ and Randy Griffin for their contributions.

Through a recent grant, we were able to purchase 2 new generators. These will be included in our plans for power outages. We extend our thanks to the Binky Foundation for making this possible.

Have any questions or comments?
Feel free to reply and let us know what you think.
Help Support ALL the IEAS Residents


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