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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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💧Rain, Rain, and more Rain💧An appeal from The International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

June, 2015

The Bad..


While we can all agree that the rain was much needed, it has become a financial burden for the Sanctuary. 


All the roads have been washed out to the point where it can become a hazard to staff and guestsvisiting the Sanctuary. As such, we have had to order truck-loads of rock and gravel and rent a skid loader to help patch the problems for the moment. The staff, interns and volunteers have been worked hard to keep ahead of the rain and keep the facility in a safe and working condition. Theoffice was flooded numerous times, we lost one of our walk in cooler’s compressor and had numerous fences wash out.  


We also experienced a loss in all our tours. We understand that it is not fun walking around in the rain to see these wonderful animals.  We would rather be inside staying dry…unless you are kid at heart and love splashing in the puddles. We did have some guest show up prepared with rubber boots ready to enjoy a tour of the Sanctuary! On Memorial Day, we usually have nearly 100 guestsfor tours.  However, this year, with the stormy weather, we only saw 20 guests for the Memorial Day tour.  

We know many have been affected by the storms that have torn across Texas this past month. IEAS was no exception as we had a couple of close calls with tornadoes. While we are thankful the 
animals and staff weathered the storms safely, we still suffered a financial burden due to the weather. Having no flood insurance we are asking each of you to consider a donation to help with repairs at the sanctuary. 

At this time we are trying to raise $10,000 to help cover our repair costs.  

On a better note all the animals made it thru with no problems and some of them even enjoyed all the rain.  


The Good...


While this month’s rain has brought some troubles, there is always a positive side to things.

The rain has been very beneficial for all the grass, trees and plants around IEAS. The vines and trees are taking off around the habitats providing ample shade for the animal residents which will become very beneficial during the hot summer months. Though the staff has had some set-backs with the rain, we enjoy seeing how the animals LOVE the rain! The bears have been enjoying the rain from up in trees instead of in their caves. Some of our bears have taken full advantage of the extra water that filled up their creeks and ponds and spend their mornings playing and splashing around. Additionally, the tigers are out lounging in their lush grass or even soaking in their pool. Apparently, it’s never too wet out for a good dip in the pool!  




A link to Aggie and Bertha playing in their "new" pond.


New Blog Authors


The interns have taken over the IEAS blog! 

Even though it’s only been a couple weeks since they have taken charge, they have done a great job highlighting the Sanctuary from their perspective.  So far, they've highlighted what a typical day is like for an intern and the joys of processing Big Cat Scat.  The Scat Blog seems to have generated sales as we are now trying to process several orders we received the past couple weeks!

Check out the Blog!

Summer Fun for the kids

If you are looking for some summer excitement for you child, remember IEAS is offering an Exotic Animal Adventure for kids ages 7-12!  The first two campers have already been and enjoyed their time around the animals!

Exotic Adventure Camp



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