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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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5 Tips on building High-Return Relationships for Holiday Networking…
Gary Polsky

December, 2013

The holidays are here along with the usual networking events that offer priceless opportunity to connect with colleagues, meet new people and strengthen your professional network. It is important you know what the most effective strategies are to build high-return relationships and meet potential clients.


After decades spent working as a Health Care CEO/Owner, Gary Polsky, (recently named a Business Rockstar on CBS Radio) had an epiphany that lead him to launch what he would nurture into a multi-million dollar healthcare company.  


Gary recently wrote Selling Healthcare - below are some useful tips on building high-return relationships during holiday networking:


1.      Projecting a Magnetic Presence. Inspire an interpersonal connection that will set the stage for the relationship's chemistry. Don’t ever shy away from asking for introductions. In other words, make a GREAT first impression!

2.     Light the Spark of Rapport. Stimulate the heartbeat of the ‘high-return relationship’ by leveraging your likeability factor through communication with compassion. It is the holidays so make sure you smile and are not too uptight.  Leave a lasting impression!


3.     Listen to Understand. Deepen the high-return relationship by putting your selfish agenda aside in favor of listening to understand. This will strengthen your bond and ensure its longevity. Remember, it’s better to be an excellent listener than a good talker.


4.     Show Appreciation, Admiration, and Respect. Connect with your customer's heart and head through the positive expression of your appreciation, admiration and respect.


5.      Follow Up - After the event, you’ll want to follow up with your new friends. Send a note or call stating how great it was to meet them and how you’d like to grab a cup of coffee after the holidays. 




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