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Friday, January 19, 2018

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11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Sending a Grant Proposal
Jacqueline Beretta

July, 2006

    Stop! Don't send that proposal yet! Did you think of everything you might do to make your proposal stand out among all the others? Usually you get one stab at it a year per foundation - so you should make it the best it can be.

    It might be helpful to create a checklist of protocol to follow before you send out a proposal.

    These checklist items span from very simple things like checking to see if you are mailing to the correct address (after all addresses often change these days), to the correct person (those names change too), and did you spell all the names correctly? An incorrect spelled name can knock you out of the running. It's nice to place a short call to introduce yourself, ask for permission to send a proposal and verify the foundation's information.

    Besides these simple recommendations, here is a list of some serious things to consider before you mail that proposal.

  • Would a seasoned director consider this project to have a high likelihood of success?

  • Does your proposal fit in to your organization's mission and goals?

  • Have you well documented the need for your proposed project?

  • Do you have a timetable?

  • Could this proposed program lead to future programs of consequence?

  • How closely matched is your proposal to the foundation's priorities and guidelines?

  • Are you aware of any other projects that are similar to yours that have failed? Why? What can you do to ensure success?

  • Are there other projects similar to your in the community and if so, have you considered collaboration?

  • Have you built in a system of evaluation?

  • Is your organization capable of carrying out your plan? Strategically? Financially?

  • Have you concocted a plan for ongoing support?


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