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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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New: Video Action Alerts - March 2013 Voice
Texans Care for Children

March, 2013

Let's Kick It Into High Gear for Children!
The legislative session is past its mid-point, and all the bills are now filed. So what's the outlook for those big changes you wanted to see—the ones that would help more of our state's children grow up healthy, safe, and ready to succeed? Your actions get to help decide that.
Here at Texans Care, we have been tracking 935 bills affecting children and have mobilized thousands in our networks to email and call state leaders. If you belong to one of our groups focused on an issue like children's mental health, early education, juvenile justice, and more, you've heard from our staff about when to act and what to do.
But in this, the race to the finish line, we're asking for all hands on deck. If you haven't already, please consider joining our Action Alert email list. We'll send weekly opportunities to act in these final months of the legislative session. If you only get our monthly newsletter, you might miss opportunities to make a difference, so please manage your preferences or click here now to make sure you're hearing from us when your action matters most.
We'll do our part by letting you know what's happening, why it matters, who to contact, and what to say to make a difference. We'll even spice it up sometimes with a new offering, video action alerts like this one featuring our health policy expert Lauren Dimitry. She explains why you should care about a fitness program that's at risk right now in Texas P.E. classes and how you can keep it in place to help promote health for kids.
Thank you for adding your voice for children!  
More ways to help kids:
Ensure there's more money available for schools, health care, and other kids' services:
Support improvements to children's mental health.
Raise the quality of child care for low-income kids.
A series of new videos on our website sum up major legislation that would affect children in areas like: nutrition & fitness, mental health, health coverage, child welfare, juvenile justice, early learning, and infant & maternal health.
What Bills Affect Kids? Find Out Here
Last Friday, we hosted a webinar about major pieces of legislation that could affect children and families in our state.
On our website now, you can download the full presentation. We also have a series of videos that allow you to review the webinar with audio by topic.
Be Part of the Discussion about Children in Texas
Each month, we hold open meetings about big issues for children. When you manage your preferences, you can also get on a list to learn about these events and how you can be part of the discussion about how Texas can help improve young lives. When you sign up for a group, you'll also receive research and news about the issue directly from our policy experts on staff.
Not in Austin? That's OK. Our groups frequently offer out-of-town and virtual events like this month's webinar. Sign up to hear from a group that interests you.
 Join us in April!
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