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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News - We're Lucky to Have You!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

March, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


March always brings in talk of "luck." Here at IEAS, we know just how lucky we are to have each and every one of you as a dedicated supporter of the Sanctuary animals. We are proud to know that you care for them just as we do, and we want to say "thanks" for making what we do possible! 



Some of you may have already heard the news through our Facebook page, but if you haven’t, then SURPRISE! Meet Rio! Rio is a brand new resident of IEAS, bringing the added bonus of being a brand new species to the Sanctuary. She is the first ocelot that has ever called IEAS home, and we’re so happy to have her!

Rio hasn’t been here long, so she still has some settling in to do. She's shy for now, but her appetite is great! So far, she has been coming out to eat at night when everything has quieted down. In just the past few days, she's been spotted exploring her habitat, ramps, and perches just as the sun begins setting. As she continues to settle in and as her confidence and comfort increase, we're sure to see Rio poking her head out during the day!

Rio's habitat has plenty to keep her occupied and enough Environmental Enrichment to make her feel right at home. Rio has plenty of high perches, ramps, and even a platform that encircles her entire habitat. There is a heated house for the warm weather loving girl, a fire hose hammock to lounge in, a large log to lay on and hide behind, plenty of grass to roll and relax in, and tons of nooks and crannies for privacy! Rio also has several Behavioral Enrichment items such as toys and hanging buoy to bat around!

As she makes herself at home, we are taking the time to provide Rio with Emotional Enrichment to give her the confidence, security and comfort she needs to thrive in her new home. We are eager for the steps she will take towards opening up to her new home. As always, it takes time for a new animal to adjust to the change, and we will allow her as much as she needs! For now, Rio won't be seen on IEAS tours as we don't want her to feel overwhelmed, but once she's up for it, visitors will walk right past her habitat and see this amazing endangered Texas native happy, content, and enjoying her life at IEAS!

Spring is on the way!

With March here, we know that spring is right around the corner, and another intern session is underway. There will be lots of big projects this spring, so the new interns will have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills that can be added to their resumes and will eventually help them get a job in the animal welfare field!

In the meantime, IEAS staff is more than ready for warmer weather, and we know that some of the residents are also! The coatis have been curling up together on their perches in the sun, but they're always eager for a visit with friends! It’s just about time for the Grizzly bears to stretch their legs and wake up from their long winter sleep, and we’ve noticed them popping their heads out more and more often recently. The black bears living in Dorfman Bear Orphanage have also been venturing out of their cozy caves, exploring the habitat they haven’t seen much of in the past few months! We’re excited to see more of the bears and also excited for the warmer temperatures headed our way (hopefully soon)! In the meantime, we're watching all of the other animals shaking off the hay and basking in the sun. The Triplets (Akbar, Arusha, and Kumar), have found a way to enjoy the hay and the sun - curling up together in the doorway of their houses with the sun streaming in!  

Most importantly, spring is always a wonderful season to head out for a tour, so we hope to see you, your family, and your friends out at IEAS. You will love the opportunity to say “hello” to the IEAS residents, and meet the beautiful Rio for the first time!

Birthdays this Month!

Male American Black Bear
Born: March 4, 2011
Rescued: October 18, 2011


Scoundrel has grown into such a confident young bear! He loves exploring his five-acre habitat in Dorfman Bear Orphanage and has really come to trust his favorite caretakers. We are so proud of all the progress he has made since his last birthday, and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings! Happy 2nd Birthday Scoundrel!


Male Jaguar
Born: March 6, 1993
Rescued: May 1, 1993


We can’t believe Domino is turning 20 this year! We are sure that he will celebrate his birthday by basking in the sun on his favorite perch, and he will be happy to receive birthday greetings from his most trusted friends. This handsome jaguar has seen many birthdays come and go, but it has only made him wiser! Happy Birthday Domino!


Female Bobcat
Born: March 17, 2008
Rescued: May 12, 2008


Chrissy is another year older this month; she’s turning 5! This girl hasn’t seemed to age a bit in her five years. She is as feisty as a kitten, particularly in the evenings when she, and her best pal Tricia, come down from their high perches and visit with their human friends. She loves to meow and climb all over her habitat! Happy 5th Birthday Chrissy!


Female Lion
Born: March 17, 1992
Rescued: June 1, 1992


has been at IEAS the longest of any of the current residents. She is truly at home with her caretakers and friends, and she shows us every day just how happy she is when she runs around her habitat playing with her favorite toy – her firehose ball! Gedi, of course, has a special place in our hearts, and we are so thrilled to celebrate her 21st birthday with her! Happy Birthday Gedi!


Male Lion
Born: March 18, 1995
Rescued: March 1, 1996


Ron is the “king” of the Sanctuary, and he knows it! This proud lion loves to spend his days lounging in the sun on his perch or in the grass, especially when his tire is nearby! His friendly moans and groans are some of the best sounds we hear around the Sanctuary, and we’re always more than happy to send him some love right back! Happy Birthday Ron!


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