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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Phoenix House News & Views: National Recovery Month
Phoenix House

September, 2011

Phoenix House News & Views | National Recovery Month Edition
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 Message from the President

Dear Friends,

Happy National Recovery Month! Every year, this celebratory month provides a focal point for inspiration and community for countless individuals in recovery, as well as for their friends and family members. In this issue, you’ll learn about the fantastic events and activities that are going on throughout our regions—from whitewater rafting to a New York Stock Exchange visit.

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet some of the remarkable individuals who truly embody the heart and soul of Phoenix House: our clients. From coast to coast, these men, women, and adolescents are overcoming tremendous obstacles every day as they create new lives for themselves—lives that are free from the grip of addiction.

These amazing clients, along with dedicated supporters like you, are what Recovery Month is all about.

Warm regards,

Howard Meitiner
President and CEO

 Roads to Recovery

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, our clients are able to break the destructive cycle of addiction and move forward to lead productive, substance-free lives. At Phoenix House, giving back to the community, exploring education and career options, and gaining exposure to new experiences are all part of the recovery process.

This summer in New York, clients volunteered at the 63rd Annual Artists and Writers Softball Game, organized by long-time Phoenix House supporter, Deb McEneaney. Our New York clients will also benefit from a generous Capital One grant supporting Pre-GED classes that open new doors in clients’ academic and professional careers. In New England, our teen clients recently returned from their annual white-water rafting trip, where they worked together to find inner courage and a new respect for nature. In Texas, our teens participated in the “Be Project” to learn valuable skills for navigating personal and professional relationships. Click the following links to learn more about our clients’ involvement in volunteerism, career and education, and other valuable experiences.

 True Story: Dustin

I grew up in Encinitas and San Diego, and I started using drugs and alcohol when I was about 12 years old. It wasn’t long before I was arrested for possession, assault and battery, and vandalism.  I ended up with a choice: rehab or juvenile hall.  I was 14 years old, and at that point in my life, I finally thought, “You know, I’m just done using drugs. I actually want to get clean.” I agreed to enter treatment, and I was enrolled in the Phoenix House Academy of San Diego. I was at Phoenix House for four months, and when I left I stayed clean—I’ve been sober for 21 months now. I learned a lot about myself, and about how my drug use had been affecting just about everyone around me. Today, I’ve got a job, I’m back in school, and I pulled my F’s up to straight A’s. To read more of Dustin’s story, click here.

 True Story: Alexis

When I was 13, I was working as a model and started using speed so I would stay thin. I stopped sleeping, I started missing school, and I was popping pills and going running anywhere from three to five times a day—my life revolved around drugs and controlling my weight. When I was 15 I got pregnant and miscarried my child five months later. I’ll never forget being five months pregnant and weighing less than 100 pounds; I’ve never felt worse about myself. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital, but luckily, an admissions counselor got me in to the Phoenix House Feinberg Academy of Dallas. At Phoenix House, I cried for the first time in years. I found role models in staff members whom I admired and loved and respected. I had been emotionally dead for so long before Phoenix House, and I hated the person I was when I was on drugs—so I created a new me, and I honestly never struggled with the idea of doing drugs again. To read more of Alexis’s story, click here.

 True Story: Joe


My addiction started a long time ago, but it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I found my drug of choice: cocaine. Once cocaine was in the picture, my life spiraled downward, and I ended up using and begging for food on the streets of downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Then I found Phoenix House Exeter Center (which used to be called Marathon House)—I spent nine and a half months there and graduated in 1997. I tell everybody struggling with addiction that the biggest thing is to “stick and stay” in treatment and recovery. You’ve got to break yourself out, because there’s nothing like life in recovery. It’s so much better on this side of the fence—it’s the most amazing and rewarding experience I’ve ever encountered. To read more of Joe’s story, click here.

 True Story Tuesdays

The stories of the men, women, and teens who have found the road to recovery at Phoenix House are nothing short of inspirational—and we want to share them with our growing online community. Starting this month, our Facebook fans can log on every Tuesday and find a new tale of triumph over addiction.  We invite you to visit our page, read these powerful narratives, and share them with friends and family.

  Recovery Month Twitter Chat!

In honor of Recovery Month, Phoenix House and our friends at The Fix will co-host a Twitter chat about different pathways to recovery. We’ll ask important and controversial questions about how people define recovery, how they find it, and how they sustain it. From “wet houses” to horse-painting therapy, this lively discussion will delve into all aspects and options along the treatment and recovery spectrum. We hope you’ll join us on September 21 at 3 PM EST for what is sure to be a dynamic conversation.

here for more details on how to participate and RSVP.

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