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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Spurs, Sports and Entertainment Community Responsibility team offering tickets for groups benefitting children
Spurs Sports and Entertainment

August, 2011

the Spurs, Sports and Entertainment Community Responsibility team is offering complimentary group tickets to non-profit organizations benefitting children.  Attached is the group ticket donation request form. Feel free to apply.


Group Ticket Donation Request Form


Program Details: Tickets and seating locations are subject to availability. The following information must be completed and returned in its entirety, in order to be considered. Please be aware that last-minute tickets may become available. Please indicate whether or not your organization will be able to distribute/use tickets if we donate them within 48 hours of notice, prior to a game. If you are selected as a ticket donation recipient, you will receive a phone call prior to the game. Tickets will be left at will-call (Lot 3) under the name of the person agreed to pick them up, over the phone. A valid ID must be presented at will-call when claiming tickets. The name on the will-call envelope must match the exact name on the presented ID. Tickets may be used for the following purposes only and are non-transferrable. Please note that ticket usage is tracked after every game. Failure to use tickets may revoke future donation privileges for your organization. SS&E Charities will donate tickets to non-profits that help fulfill its mission.


SS&E Charities Mission: Through our unique resources and opportunities, we work to creatively engage young people to enrich their communities. We will communicate, collaborate and challenge our community to make meaningful impressions and lasting improvements through service-learning initiatives.


Contact Information:                                  *** please print ***



Organization Name:  ____________________________________________________________________________


Main Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________________________


Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________________


City: _______________________________________________         State: _______________ Zip: __________


Phone Number: (     _ )__________________________         Fax Number:  (     _ )__________________________


501(c)(3) Tax ID#________________________________       E-Mail_____________________________________


Total Number of Tickets Requested: _______________           Website: __________________________________


Alternate Contact Person:


Name:  _______________________________________________________________________________________


E-mail: _______________________________________        Phone Number: (      _)_______________________



If necessary, will your organization be able to distribute/use tickets donated within 48 hours of notice, prior to a game:




Yes                                                          No


Has Spurs Sports & Entertainment donated to your organization in the past:





                                                                 No                                                           I do not know

Does your organization benefit children:






Are you interested in more information regarding our Foundation, tickets, promotions and upcoming SS&E events:






In order to obtain tickets, we must receive a copy of your organization’s IRS Letter of Determination as proof of 501(C)(3) status.

Text Box: I have read the above, understand its contents, and agree to comply with SS&E rules and regulations.  I hereby commit on behalf of the requesting organization to use the total allotment of tickets requested. It is understood that future ticket requests are determined by the requesting organization’s actual use of tickets requested in previous seasons. I am also aware that the applying organization is responsible for providing our own transportation. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure tickets are picked up from will-call during regular box office hours. I am aware that tickets may not be resold for any reason.       Signature							Date:				   Print Name						  Should the requesting organization receive a donation of tickets, it grants Spurs Sports & Entertainment and its affiliates, the unrestricted right to use its name, likeness and/or image for any purpose related to this donation.  Please return to: Spurs Sports & Entertainment * Attn: Jacquelin Kogut * One AT&T Center * San Antonio, TX 78219 * Fax: (210) 444-5875


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