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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

July, 2011



Hogg Foundation Awards Scholarships to Graduate Social Work Students in Texas

Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

July 12, 2011


AUSTIN, Texas - Five outstanding Texas graduate students of social work have been awarded the prestigious Ima Hogg Scholarship for Mental Health for the 2011 - 2012 academic year, at a time when Texas is facing critical shortages in the state's mental health workforce. Texas ranks far below the national average in the number of mental health professionals per 100,000 residents. In 2009, 173 counties in Texas were designated as mental health profession shortage areas, and 40 Texas counties did not have a single social worker.



University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work Student Ambassadors: Hogg Foundation Bilingual Scholarship

University of Houston

July 11, 2011


... When I applied to the Graduate College of Social Work I started looking into scholarship opportunities and found that UH offered a Hogg Foundation Scholarship for bilingual Spanish speaking students.  I immediately checked off that I was interested in applying for it! During the summer before school started I got an email about setting up an interview for the scholarship....I was superrrrr excited and nervous at the same time...this could solve my financial issues for grad school. To make a long story short, I and another incoming student won the scholarship. When I found out, I was literally in tears. The Hogg Foundation has been one of the biggest blessings for me in grad school!!!





Local counties starting to draw up draft budgets

KXXV, Waco

July 11, 2011


GATESVILLE - Central Texas counties are beginning to draw up their draft budgets, as they try to fill the holes deep state budget cuts have left behind. ... The lack of funding provides less money for mental health services and child abuse prevention.  It also eliminates grants for state-run health care centers for the homeless, seasonal farmers and those with substance abuse needs.



Cost of prisoner care shifts from UTMB

Galveston Daily News

July 12, 2011


... One of the most interesting changes in the financial picture occurred in Correctional Managed Care - the contract for providing services to state prisoners. In the past, the medical branch has lost millions on the contract. However, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - rather than the health care institutions - is now responsible for the bills for treating prisoners. That change would put an end to the practice of the medical branch having to cover the cost of care from its own budget and waiting until the next session for reimbursement.



Kids increasingly facing grown-up illnesses like eating disorders, obesity

Dallas Morning News

July 11, 2011


... Societal pressures, poor nutrition, and inadequate or too narrowly focused exercise are causing serious health problems for kids, experts say. These problems include obesity, high blood pressure , high cholesterol, repetitive stress injuries, anxiety, depression, Type 2 diabetes and eating disorders - many of them striking at younger ages than they did a generation ago.



Federal health regulators begin safety inspection of Parkland

Dallas Morning News

July 11, 2011


Federal health regulators on Monday began a sweeping safety inspection of Parkland Memorial Hospital, an effort triggered by the February death of a psychiatric patient whose rights were found to have been repeatedly violated. ... The investigation will examine all areas of the hospital, according to a Parkland memo obtained by The Dallas Morning News, including observations of procedures, interviews with patients and reviews of medical records.



Mammoth Texas Medical Center set to grow even more: Look south, young doctors

CultureMap Houston

July 11, 2011


The ambitious new Menninger Clinic construction project - billed as the nation's "epicenter for mental health" - is stretching the boundaries of the Texas Medical Center. ... The Menninger Clinic, recognized as one of the finest psychiatric treatment organizations in the world, is building a 50-acre campus out South Main, near South Post Oak Road.



Prof Battling for Better Marriages Among Armed Forces Couples

Texas A&M University

July 11, 2011


COLLEGE STATION - With thousands of troops deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, the challenges of protecting their physical, emotional and relational health are unprecedented, contends a Texas A&M University psychology professor who is in the forefront in defending their well-being on the relationship front. Prof. Douglas Snyder says the need is especially apparent in Texas, which is home to 16 military bases.



BCFS opens transition center for Abilene youth

San Antonio Business Journal

July 11, 2011


BCFS Health and Human Services has expanded operations to Abilene, Texas, and is opening the city's first youth transition center to provide case management, counseling, housing, employment placement, educational support and life-skills services to struggling young adults. The Abilene Transition Center expects to serve 150 youth who are either at-risk, aging out of foster care, returning home from juvenile justice institutions, or coping with other challenges, such as homelessness.



Houston homeless shelter clings to frayed lifeline; Without financial help, residents will be homeless once again

Houston Chronicle

July 11, 2011


... The lifeline that Stephenson clings to is at the breaking point, however, as the shelter and its sponsor, New Deliverance Church, struggle to find operational funds. The shelter is home to 31 homeless men - 17 of them parolees - along with a mother and two children. The shelter provides drug counseling, job search assistance and peer-to-peer, social skills mentoring.



MPD: Man rips out IV at MMH, fights police

Midland Reporter-Telegram

July 11, 2011


A Midland man was arrested Monday after allegedly assaulting two officers at Midland Memorial Hospital emergency room on July 6. ... Houston eventually was medically sedated while in handcuffs. Charges were not filed immediately following the attack because hospital staff were to complete a psychological test to determine if a medical condition caused the outbursts. Houston's father said his son was prone to violence because he was bipolar. But hospital staff determined Houston "was found to not have any mental or emotional issues that would cause him to want to harm himself," according to the arrest warrant.



Lawsuit filed against state assisted living center after patient's death

Southeast Texas Record

July 11, 2011


MARSHALL -  ... According to court records, Shenna Jack was a mentally incapacitated adult who was a resident of Denton State School Living Center from April 10, 2008, until her death on June 29, 2009. Her family states that the two days prior to her death, she had exhibited serious symptoms and complaints and had asked staff members to take her to a hospital. The lawsuit alleges that Jack begged staff members to call emergency services or contact her father but they refused.





Senate fails to reverse NJ gov's budget vetoes

Beaumont Enterprise

July 11, 2011


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Senate Democrats failed to muster the three Republican votes needed to override even one of Gov. Chris Christie's budget vetoes to restore funding for child abuse services, women's health clinics, legal aid and mental health services.



Nixon to sign Mo. disability legislation

Beaumont Enterprise

July 12, 2011


ST. LOUIS (AP) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is preparing to sign legislation addressing several physical and mental disability issues. ... The legislation provides in part that a disability or disease doesn't automatically diminish an adult's parental rights or disqualify someone from being an adoptive or foster parent.



Most violent job in Washington? Nurses aide

San Antonio Express-News

July 12, 2011


SEATTLE (AP) - The most violent job in Washington state isn't being a police officer or a security guard. It's working as a nurse's aide. Seattle public radio station KUOW-FM made that finding as part of an investigative series on workplace safety airing this week. The station found that violence strikes health care workers in Washington at six times the state average, and frontline caregivers in emergency rooms and psychiatric wards get assaulted even more than that.



Appeals court orders review in death penalty case

San Antonio Express-News

July 11, 2011


BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The life of a man convicted of kidnapping, torture and murder might be spared after an appeals court has ruled that Joseph Edward Duncan III should have been given a competency hearing before he was allowed to waive his appeal. ... Three experts contacted by the standby attorneys found that Duncan suffered from "delusional beliefs, paranoia, grandiosity, and psychotic breaks with reality," according to the court ruling. Those experts said Duncan's mental defects rendered him incapable of rationally understanding the court proceedings.





States given flexibility on insurance exchanges

Los Angeles Times

July 11, 2011


The Obama administration moved Monday to ease some requirements on states to help them set up new insurance exchanges in 2014, a key feature of the healthcare law the president signed last year. These state-based exchanges are intended to make buying a health plan comparable to shopping the Internet for an airline ticket or a hotel room. And by 2019, they are expected to serve as the main insurance resource for an estimated 24 million Americans who don't get their health insurance from their employer, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.,0,1527980.story



Medicare Payment Board Draws Brickbats

National Public Radio

July 12, 2011


One thing both Democrats and Republicans agree on is that they can't solve the deficit problem without slowing the growth of the massive Medicare program for the elderly and disabled. But here's an irony. Republicans and a growing number of Democrats also seem to agree that they don't like the one aspect of last year's Affordable Care Act that actually would effectively reduce Medicare spending.



President Calls For 'Meaningful Changes' To Medicare, Medicaid (Video Excerpts)

Kaiser Health News

July 11, 2011


In his news conference today, President Barack Obama discussed the debt ceiling, the deficit, negotiating with Republicans and paid some attention to entitlements including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.





Debt crisis sinks Greeks into gloom, suicide on rise

Chicago Tribune

July 11, 2011


...Such public acts may be rare in Greece but officials say fiscal woes are sinking the traditionally sunny Mediterranean nation into gloom, pushing the suicide rate up sharply. "Our times are dominated by depression and even mourning for the loss of everything people had managed to achieve in their lives," said Aris Violatzis, a clinical psychologist at the private Klimaka suicide hotline.,0,2378846.story





Nearly $1 million in grants goes toward healthcare simulations

July 12, 2011


The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has awarded almost $1 million in grants that will be put toward the creation of healthcare simulations to researchers at three Texas organizations. The University of Texas at Arlington's College of Nursing, Baylor Health Care System and the University of Texas at Dallas received the funding, which will be used to study how nurses and physicians can improve their communication skills using role-playing scenarios in video-game-like simulations, according to a news release.



Poor prognosis for schizophrenia patients leaving hospital against medical advice

Med Wire News

July 12, 2011


Schizophrenia patients discharged from hospital against medical advice (AMA) are more likely to be readmitted and die from suicide attempts and accidents than are patients discharged on physician recommendation, Israeli study findings indicate.



Trait impulsivity linked to suicide attempts in bipolar disorder

Med Wire News

July 12, 2011


Trait impulsivity in bipolar disorder is associated with a series of unfavorable disease characteristics at presentation, including prior suicide attempts, say Turkish researchers. Trait impulsivity is one of the diagnostic criteria for mania, but it is poorly defined and the underlying mechanisms are unclear. While one previous study examined the relationship between clinical features in bipolar disorder and impulsivity, not all of the patients included were euthymic, and their mood states could have affected the results.



Eating Disorders May Impact Brain Function

Medical News Today

July 12, 2011


Bulimia nervosa is a severe eating disorder associated with episodic binge eating followed by extreme behaviors to avoid weight gain such as self-induced vomiting, use of laxatives or excessive exercise. It is poorly understood how brain function may be involved in bulimia.



Resilience Amongst the Long Term Ill

Science Daily News

July 11, 2011


People who have a long term debilitating physical illness demonstrate mental resilience according to Understanding Society, the world's largest longitudinal household study. The first findings reveal that people diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, respiratory or cardiovascular disease report similar mental health scores to those without physical illness. The survey's findings suggest that those people who may not be able to function well physically because of an illness do not necessarily suffer problems with their mental health -- for example with their concentration, confidence and feelings of strain



Parkinson's Patients Still Prescribed Antipsychotics Despite Warning

Health Day News

July 12, 2011


Many Parkinson's disease patients, including as many as 45,000 in the United States, eventually develop psychosis, meaning their thoughts are sometimes disconnected from reality. Parkinson's disease is also associated with dementia and complications of that condition, which may be exacerbated by antipsychotic drugs, according to the researchers.



FEATURES & RESOURCES Hosts Virtual Town Hall with White House Officials; Online Meeting Introduces Top Advisors on Disability Issues

National Alliance on Mental Illness

July 11, 2011


WASHINGTON - Members of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Office of Public Engagement and Office of Presidential Personnel will participate in a Virtual Town Hall meeting hosted by, the federal government's website for disability-related information, on Thursday, July 14, from 1-2 p.m. eastern time. The event will be live streamed on the site. All questions must be submitted through an online form available no later than Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 6 p.m. eastern time. To watch the Virtual Town Hall, go to the home page on July 14 at 1 p.m. and click the button that says, "Watch the White House Virtual Town Hall Live!"





Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations Report Average Investment Returns of 10.9 Percent in FY2010

Philanthropy News Digest

July 12, 2011


U.S. nonprofit healthcare organizations reported an average return on investible assets of 10.9 percent for fiscal year 2010, a decline from the average return of 18.8 percent registered in FY2009 but a significant improvement over the average of -21.2 percent recorded in 2008, the Commonfund Institute reports.


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