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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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OB1 Needs Your Support!
Feral Friends

March, 2011

Feral Friends Logo 

OB1 Rescued.....

And Is Now Looking For His Forever Home 

Injured Kitty Gets A New Lease On Life

One evening a little over a month ago, I received an email from a feral caregiver that described a horrific state that a cat was in who he cared for.  Oftentimes people exaggerate when they describe such tales, but in this case, it was all true.  OB1 was being cared for as an outdoor cat in Fort Worth, and his caregiver talked about how his eye seemed to have been dislodged from the socket and become infected.  Due to the quick action of one of our volunteers, Teresa Jennings, a trap was taken over that evening and the cat was caught right away.  He was taken to Dr. Morris at the Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth, where he had surgery to remove the eye completely.  It is not uncommon for ferals to have eyes removed, but in OB1's case, it was one of the worst injuries we have encountered.   
It is not known exactly what happened to cause such injury, but after the weeks of recovery, OB1 did not seem to be as feral as once thought.  He was able to be handled by vet staff, and by Teresa, who opened her home to him for his recovery.  He is a very shy and timid boy, but will let people handle him and love on him.  Currently he is residing with me and has settled in well, considering everything he has been through.  He enjoys his wet food each evening and is gradually starting to be more interested in greeting me when I open his cage.
Thank you so much to Dr. Morris and his wonderful staff, and to Teresa for her wonderful care of OB1!  He would not have made it without the great compassion from everyone involved.  We are now looking to place OB1 in a quiet home to be able to live the remainder of his life in peace and not having to be out on the streets.


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