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Friday, January 19, 2018

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I Promise to TAKE FIVE FOR KIDS in 2011
Prevent Child Abuse Texas

September, 2010


Prevent Child Abuse Texas is asking you to promise to take five minutes each month in 2011 for kids.  Please return the completed form to the PCAT office and forward this email to others interested in children.  We will send you advocacy updates to keep you informed as legislation and policies affecting children occur.

Prevent Child Abuse Texas is building a movement to create better lives for all our children. We transform knowledge into action through public awareness and communication, public policy, and community education.

We all play a role in raising children and we don't have to just dream of a world that only exists in make-believe.  We can create it.  We can don our capes, put on our masks and be the real world heroes that children need.

As a committed supporter, you share our vision of a world free from child abuse and neglect _ a world where children rule and thrive.

The research is clear on the long-term impacts of child abuse and neglect, including their effect on future health, education and criminal behavior of children. 

The fact is we can invest in children today, or pay later. 

Our state's children need real life heroes today. 

Join us.  Be a hero for children!  We have your cape waiting for you.


I promise to TAKE FIVE FOR KIDS in 2011

Name ____________________________________

Org ______________________________________

Address __________________________________

City/St/Zip ______________________________

Phone ____________________________________

Fax ______________________________________

Email ____________________________________

My legislator(s) will hear from me:

Visits     q I'll visit one or more of my legislators once a month

Letters  q I'll send at least one letter or post card once a month

Emails   q I'll send one email a month

Phone   q I'll call at least once a month

Please complete and return to PCAT.  We will then add you to our email advocacy update list,

Share with someone interested in children's issues.


Prevent Child Abuse Texas

13740 Research Blvd. #R-4  Austin, TX 78750

512.250.8438 ph  512.250.8733 fax


Support Prevent Child Abuse Texas
Your gift of $25 today will help us continue to make a change for children every day. 


Prevent Child Abuse Texas is the leading organization working to prevent the abuse and neglect of our state's children.

More information is available by accessing the organization's web site at

Learn More about Prevent Child Abuse Texas


Click Here to


Prevent Child Abuse Texas has thousands of people who wake up everyday with the single-minded focus and purpose to prevent child abuse.

We and they welcome your support. Do your part! Become part of the solution!

Learn more about actions you can take to become part of the solution. Join Prevent Child Abuse Texas in working to guarantee the right of every child to be raised in surroundings which ensure healthy, safe and nurturing experiences.


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