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Monday, January 22, 2018

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The Church's Voice Creates Change in Payment Processing
Ardent Giving Solutions

July, 2010

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Ardent Giving Solutions

"Our Passion: Your Mission"

Issue: # 1 April  2010
Credit card and world 
The Church's Voice Creates Change in Payment Processing
Introducing: "Debit Card Only Giving"
The payment processing industry has taken great strides in developing technology for the business market.  As I walk through my daily life I see the advancement while I pay at the pump for gas, receive a gift card for just about any celebration, redeem reward points for free air travel, and pay monthly bills through EFT.
The demand for technology to promote brands and create revenue has been driven by our major corporations but with over 450,000 churches in America shouldn't they have a voice too?  
"The Church's Voice Creates Change"
In speaking with numerous church prospects who were contemplating providing online giving to their congregation two major concerns were repeated:

  • "We don't want to create debt for our members when they tithe to our church"
  • "We want to lower our expense for electronic tithing"
Historically, accepting credit and debit cards have been packaged as one product as the industry focuses on development for the For-Profit marketplace.  It is our desire to develop technology that helps churches achieve their mission.

 "Debit Card Only Giving" Launched June 14th, 2010"
"When a member tries to enter their credit card while tithing online, face-to-face, or via kiosk, the system will provide a gentle request to resubmit their pledge using a debit card." 
 Bryce Collman, CEO/Founder, Ardent Giving Solutions

This type of payment does not require a PIN nor does it require additional development or expense for each client.  It simply uses our established systems to block credit card transactions from being processed. This service achieves the request of our potential clients in that:
  • It lowers the expense per transaction as debit card processing is less than credit cards
  • It eliminates the risk of creating debt when giving to the church
While it is not our intention to tell any client what product to utilize, we feel it is our responsibility to offer all forms of giving and honor the requests of our clients.  In doing so, our faith  leaders can choose which method fulfills the mission for both their organization and congregation. 
"Our Commitment is to Your Mission"
Ardent Giving Solutions was established specifically for Faith-Based and Non-Profit Organizations. Our main goal is to help these organizations fulfill their mission by:
  • Reducing payment processing expenses
  • Customizing payment processing options to allow face-to-face, online, or kiosk giving
  • Integrating with your Donor Management Systems (as allowed by the developer)
  • Streamlining your day-to-day responsibilities as it revolves around electronic payments so that more time is spent fulfilling your mission
"Debit Card Only Giving" is an example of how we listen to the needs of  Faith-Based and Non-Profit Organizations and develop services that help them fulfill their mission.
The Capella Collection:   "Honoring Parents while Raising Money" 
 An Interview with
 CEO Robbie Bradbury

Q: Why did you start the Capella Collection?
A: "In observing how parents are taken for granted in today's "Me" world of kids, we wanted to raise awareness with kids to get them to focus on the many sacrifices that their parents make every day to make their world better.  We felt that if we create a fun and inexpensive product line that depicts parent's roles in their children's lives, then kids could recognize
how much their parents do for them.  Our product line depicts a Gold Star family. This theme goes with the idea that our parents deserve a gold star from us and that kids could surprise their parents with expressions of gratitude by giving them a "Gold Star."  Currently, we have three designs, but many more will follow." 
"As we focused on honoring parents, we learned of an entire community of parents who are raising special needs kids or those with life-threatening illnesses. We recognized that these families need a lot of support. Because we have been blessed in not having either of these situations, we decided to redirect our business mission to benefit these families and not ourselves.  Also, in learning more about these families, our business model changed to include fund raising as well."
Q: How does the Capella Collection help Non-Profits with their Fundraising?
A: "First of all, we only support causes that benefit children.  This is not to say that other causes are not important.  It's just that this is our passion.  One way that we support local organizations, groups, churches, and schools to raise money by getting personally involved with the cause.  Sometimes we'll financially support an event, other times we'll host an event to benefit the cause, or we'll provide product resources to an organization's event."
"The second way benefits both local and and national groups is through sales of our products.  At our website we have a fundraising program that groups can take advantage of. They can go to our site, sign up for the program, and conduct their fund raiser. Depending on their choice and the amount of sales they generate, they can raise a substantial amount of money.  The benefits of our program are":
  1. Provides opportunity for children to get involved in raising funds for their cause or community.
  2. Motivates children to promote products that honor parents in a fun and loving way.
  3. Encourages children to share the message of recognizing parents among peers while raising money for their cause.
  4. The organization does not have to worry of managing money or products.
  5. Is flexible to the organization's needs.
  6. And our products have one message, love your parents and honor them every day.
Q: What success stores can you share about helping non-profits?
A:  "Our biggest success story is our involvement with an organization in McLean, VA that focuses on special needs children and their families.  Through our business we have supported this cause and personally hosted several events to raise money to help build an overnight respite center for special needs children. A strange thing happened to us on our way to help this cause; it changed us. Our lives are better and more fulfilled because when we extended our hands to help others we ended up benefiting in wonderful ways!"
Q: Where can people find more information about the Capella Collection?
A: "Our products are simple but heartfelt gifts for parents.  Every time someone purchases our products he/she is helping to support a worthy cause.  If he/she wants to benefit from the sale or support a cause, sign up for our fund raising program. Visit for more information, or email  me at" 

Ardent Giving Solutions was created specifically for Non-Profit and       Faith-Based Organizations. It is our mission to help you streamline processes and lower expenses so that you can fulfill your mission.

 To create your customized solution and reduce expenses contact  

Ardent Giving Solutions


PO Box 93778  Southlake, Texas  76092


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