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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Happy Father's Day from Phoenix House
Phoenix House

June, 2010

“Andre” hadn’t seen his father in years. The few times his dad drifted back into his life had been confusing and disappointing. It was painful watching his father struggle to stay sober before disappearing again. Things went badly for Andre too. He was angry and couldn’t focus in school. He started hanging out with the kids who were drinking and doing drugs. Then he went to prison—the same prison where his father was doing time.

This could be the start of a tragic story—kids who grow up without fathers are much more likely to have substance abuse problems, drop out of school, and wind up in prison—but Andre is getting help from Phoenix House. He’s now enrolled in one of our Phoenix House Academies and wants to graduate and go to college. Most importantly, he’s determined to break this cycle of addiction and to one day be the kind of father he never had.

At Phoenix House, we know that fathers are important. Dealing with their presence—or absence—is a hugely important part of treatment, so on Father’s Day, we celebrate and honor the complexity of fatherhood, particularly the fathers in recovery who have good reasons to celebrate this year. They have been working hard and are on their way to becoming the men—and the dads—they always wanted to be.

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With warm regards,

Howard P. Meitiner
President & CEO


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