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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Hogg Foundation News Clips
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

April, 2010

Today’s Clips – March 29, 2010


This summary of recent news and research articles on mental health topics was prepared as a public service by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Stories from other media sources do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the foundation and its staff.


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Texas Distributing Grants to Support Veterans Mental Health

Texas Insider

March 26, 2010


AUSTIN — Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, today applauded the distribution of $1.75 million in state grants for veterans mental health services. Part of the funds will be used for peer support for veterans and their families. Senator Nelson authored SB 1325 in 2009 to establish a peer-to-peer intervention program, which allows veterans to share their experiences in a supportive environment.



Health care law to touch insured people first; Average Texans might not notice many changes at first, but thousands of others will

Austin American-Statesman

March 27, 2010


… The dozens of provisions taking effect this year — dubbed the Democrats' "Incumbents' Protection Plan" by some — will affect thousands of Texans.



Doctor shortage could worsen as more people become insured and demand care, experts say

Austin American-Statesman

March 26, 2010


As I interviewed everyone from hospital executives to insurance industry leaders for a story slated to run Sunday about the health care law President Obama signed this week, I heard a common refrain: Coverage does not equal access.



The faces of health care: Each is dealing with a different situation, but these six Houston-area residents all have crucial stakes in how the reforms play out

Houston Chronicle

March 29, 2010


The sweeping overhaul of the $2.5 trillion health care system that Congress passed and President Barack Obama signed into law last week promises the most dramatic change in health policy in four decades. Here are six people who figure to feel the impact — a senior, a student, a small-business owner, a pediatric cancer patient and a couple with pre-existing health conditions.



UT Health Science Center Eyes Future Expansion

Tyler Morning Telegraph

March 28, 2010


Adding to East Texas as a medical power center, officials at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler are working to expand graduate medical education opportunities and ultimately want to create an environment conducive to bringing a medical school here.



Nursing school may have new life: St. Thomas program shut in 1980s has dedicated grads

Houston Chronicle

March 29, 2010


Even when the University of St. Thomas School of Nursing shut down two decades ago, its resurrection was always simply a matter of faith. … In all, UST needs about $15 million to get started, said Ken Dominicis, the university's vice president of institutional advancement. That includes $12 million to endow six faculty positions and $3 million for scholarships. Officials hope to open in the fall of 2011 or 2012.



Fort Worth medical school responding to shortage of primary care doctors

Fort Worth Star Telegram

March 28, 2010


…Texas ranks 46th in the nation in the prevalence of physicians, with about 175 for every 100,000 residents. Those include allopathic physicians, with M.D. degrees, and osteopathic physicians, with D.O. degrees.  … As the population grows, the supply of primary care doctors is shrinking -- medical students are increasingly interested in specialties, and the physician work force is aging. The shortage in primary care is expected to worsen as healthcare reform provides access to doctors for millions of now uninsured Americans.



Growing need: Demand for geriatric psychiatrists increasing with population

Fort Worth Business Press

March 29, 2010


Much has been made about the health care industry’s need to expand and prepare for the oncoming wave of aging Americans, but just as in the general population, mental health sometimes takes a back seat. It’s well-known that mental health parity is a pressing issue, and specialists who focus on mental health in geriatric patients say their ranks need to grow just as the numbers of other geriatric specialists need to grow.



Citizens mental health unit might close

Victoria Advocate

March 28, 2010


The inpatient psychiatric unit at Citizens Medical Center may be forced to shut its doors Thursday.

Three independent psychiatrists have submitted requests for leave of absence, hospital CEO David Brown confirmed. However, closing the unit is the last step the hospital wants to take, Brown said.



Fulfilling students' needs: More kids seek refuge, Strain on counselors grows

Amarillo Globe-News

March 29, 2010


…Elementary school counselors in Amarillo Independent School District say they're seeing a rising number of students contending with a growing array of obstacles and problems. But the counselors themselves, meanwhile, are responsible for far more children than in past years and for finding solutions that at one time was the purview of the family, not the school.





House Members Press for CMHS Block Grant Funding

National Alliance on Mental Illness

March 25, 2010


… We are deeply concerned about the impact of the struggling economy on the nation’s public mental health safety net. .. We urge you to address this crisis by investing an additional $100 million in funds for the Community Mental Health Services Block Grant in the FY 2011 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations bill.



Indian Health Care Improvement Act Made Permanent

U.S. Dept. of health and Human Services

March 26, 2010


The Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA), the cornerstone legal authority for the provision of health care to American Indians and Alaska Natives, was made permanent when President Obama signed the bill on March 23, as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The authorization of appropriations for the IHCIA had expired in 2000, and while various versions of the bill were considered by Congress since then, the act now has no expiration date.



Health Care for People Involved in the Justice System

Grantmakers In Health

March 2010


The issue of health and justice is especially pressing because people involved in the justice system are one of the most medically vulnerable groups in this country. They are often at-risk youth, children and adults with a history of physical and sexual abuse, low-income men of color, and people with high rates of chronic and communicable disease who may also be struggling with mental illness and substance abuse.


Full report:



Combating Health Care Disparities in an Era of Reform

Grantmakers In Health

March 2010


Racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care remain deeply pervasive in the United States. Despite major efforts, progress remains slow, and disproportionate rates of suffering, disability, and death continue to be documented (Mead et al. 2008). There is growing interest in improving the health of racial and ethnic communities of color by going beyond the health care setting to the root causes of poor health and inequality. There is also greater understanding that the broader social determinants of health influence or exacerbate disparities in health care.


Full report:



Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print

New York Times

March 29, 2010


WASHINGTON — Just days after President Obama signed the new health care law, insurance companies are already arguing that, at least for now, they do not have to provide one of the benefits that the president calls a centerpiece of the law: coverage for certain children with pre-existing conditions.



Deciding Who Will Lead a Health Care Leader

New York Times

March 26, 2010


BOSTON — Here in the cradle of health reform, where universal coverage was pioneered, this year’s tightening race for governor is focused on the question that now confronts the nation: how to keep spiraling costs from bankrupting the experiment.



Expert Delivers Strategies For Cultural Competence In Health Care; Sees Opportunity In Health Care Reform


March 26, 2010


Albany - Dr. Grace Mose, an expert on cultural diversity and women's reproductive issues, delivered strategies for providing more culturally-competent health care services and sees the expansion of health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans as an opportunity for providers to forge new relationships among culturally diverse communities.



MSPP Leaders Advocate for More Language and Cultural Training for Mental Health Providers to Work with Latinos and Other Underserved Populations


March 26, 2010


BOSTON - Supporting clinical training programs that develop language skills and cultural competence and forgiving educational loans for psychology graduates who have this kind of training can help meet the critical need for mental health providers to care for Latinos and other underserved populations, said leaders of Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (MSPP), who spoke at the state Health Disparities Council meeting earlier this week.



Mentally ill hit hard by state budget cuts

Chicago Sun Times

March 27, 2010


About 70,000 adults and children in Illinois would lose access to state-funded mental health services and another 4,000 would be displaced from community-based housing under Gov. Quinn's proposed budget, advocates for the mentally ill warned Friday.,CST-NWS-mental27x.article



State sued for failing to provide mental health services for the deaf

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 26, 2010


While the state is focusing on repairing its damaged mental health system, the deaf who need those services have been totally shut out of getting any help, according to a federal lawsuit.



Agency to investigate abuse allegations at Mental Health Complex

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

March 26, 2010


A state-designated watchdog agency has launched its own investigation into patient sexual abuse allegations at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. The agency, Disability Rights Wisconsin, has made a sweeping demand for records at the complex and will interview staff, patients and their guardians to find out the scope and seriousness of the abuse, Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee office manager for the agency, said Friday.





Prognosis: Health-care system still broken, but reform paves way for recovery

Durango Herald (Col.)

March 28, 2010


Our current national health policy is not the result of a well-conceived, comprehensive approach to health care. It is the result of decades of incremental legislation, regulation and market changes. Put this antiquated system against the backdrop of the worst economic crisis in 80 years - with the cost of health care approaching 20 percent of our gross domestic product and health-insurance premiums in Colorado approaching 20 percent of median income - and the burning platform for change looks more like a raging inferno.





Depression Care Slowed by Cultural Stigma

Psych Central News
March 29, 2010


A study finds that appropriate mental health care is hindered by an individual’s cultural bias.



ADHD Symptoms Often Subside Within a Year; Children should be rechecked annually to prevent unneeded treatment, researchers say

HealthDay News

March 26, 2010


Children identified with an attention-deficit problem should be re-evaluated annually because symptoms often subside from one year to the next, researchers say



Anesthesia Drugs A Possible Cure For Depression?

Medical News Today
March 28, 2010

A small study has indicated that anesthesia may relieve depression in some patients. This is one of many trends that Kalorama Information is noticing in the dynamic $4.1 billion market for anesthesia drugs.





Book Review: Manufacturing Depression

The Observer (

March 28, 2010


Across the world, 450 million people suffer from mental health problems. In the next 20 years, according to the World Health Organisation, depression will become the single biggest health burden on society. Given these numbers, perhaps it is no surprise that experts have begun to challenge both the definition of the problem and the notion that medication is its best solution. … Now US psychotherapist Gary Greenberg has stepped in with Manufacturing Depression, a thorough, often shocking history of how the pharmaceutical industry has pathologised misery in order to sell us the cure.



Broadway’s Unlikely Hit Gives Hope to the Bold

New York Times

March 28, 2010


Bipolar disorder, electroshock therapy, a yearning for peace of mind: these are not the usual elements of a successful Broadway musical. Yet “Next to Normal,” which passed its one-year mark on Broadway on Saturday and is preparing for a national tour in November, now qualifies as a hit: it has earned back its $4 million capitalization, the producers said last week.





Nonprofits looking to find the perfect board members

Austin American-Statesman

March 27, 2010


When it comes to nonprofit boards, good help can be hard to find. After all, charities don't just want anyone on their boards of directors. They want skilled, dedicated people willing to help the nonprofit raise money, support employees and define what kind of programs to offer. But that's no small order.


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