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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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TexasNonprofits Honored for Outstanding Tagline
Press Release

October, 2009

Best-in-Class Taglines Selected by 4,800+ Nonprofit Professionals
San Antonio, TX – Just because you’re a small nonprofit doesn’t mean you can’t have a powerful tagline for your organization, program or campaign. Those that play the branding game well are part of a growing trend of thriving organizations whose mottos help to build awareness of their value and put them squarely in audiences’ hearts, minds, schedules and wallets.
Strong nonprofit taglines have a huge impact at little cost, but nonprofits have a major branding problem in weak taglines.  A recent Getting Attention survey found that 7 in 10 organizations rate their taglines as poor or don’t have one at all. That’s the gap Schwartz is hoping to help close with the Awards program.

 “The winning taglines in the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards showcase how powerfully taglines can work as a first step in branding or as a highly-effective tool to freshen up a nonprofit’s messaging, emphasize its commitment to its work and/or revive tired positioning,” says Nancy Schwartz, blogger at ( and president of Nancy Schwartz & Company (

TexasNonprofits tagline “Building community deep in the hearts of Texans” was selected as an award winner by over 4,800 voters (nonprofit professionals and interested others). It was lauded for it’s tagline that tweaks the title of an iconic American popular song from the 1940s and brilliantly connects it to the spirit, passion and mission of the state’s citizenry. A great example of how word play works in a tagline.

 “Texans are all about community”, says Jacqueline Beretta, CEO and Founder of TexasNonprofits. “The people are warm, and community is in our state of mind - it’s what we do best. In passing, Texans like to acknowledge each other with a friendly tip of their hat or a wave and a ‘how are you, the kids, and what can I do for you today’. With each caring interaction we strengthen our fellow Texans. TexasNonprofits is dedicated to celebrating Texans; however, we are happy to welcome all those who wish they were. ”

The 13 winners were selected from 60 finalists drawn from 1,702 nonprofit taglines submitted for the 2009 program.  “The organizations behind the winning taglines range from the regional (Los Angeles-focused workforce development powerhouse, Homeboy Industries) to the national (UNCF) and global (Nothing But Nets), and all did an admirable job in putting a few select words to work to build their brands,” says Schwartz.

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The report, due out in November will feature more on the winning taglines, plus

The 10 Have-Tos for Successful Taglines.

The 7 Deadly Sins – Examples of what not to do.

Over 2,500 Nonprofit Tagline Examples to put to work for tagline brainstorming.

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More about the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards

Schwartz launched the award program in 2008, motivated by the findings of the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Survey.  The survey probed styles, usage trends, what’s working and what’s not in nonprofit taglines based on data provided by 1,900 nonprofit communicators working in organizations across 12 vertical sectors.

Participant organizations ranged from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association to the Bendigo (Australia) Figure Skating Club and the Oregon Center for Public Policy. Respondents held a variety of positions within their organizations, although marketers, fundraisers and executive directors were most strongly represented.

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