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Monday, January 22, 2018

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OneStar Foundation and the Governor's Volunteer Awards 2009
Press Release

July, 2009

The Governor's Volunteer Awards have a long tradition of recognizing those in our state who devote their time and talents to serving others.

The annual Governor's Volunteer Awards honors Texans who give their time and talents to their communities through volunteerism and community service. For 26 years, the Governor's Volunteer Awards have honored some of Texas' most dedicated community volunteers.

These awards allow Governor Rick Perry to recognize some of the individuals, organizations, corporations and public entities that truly embody the Texas tradition of community service.

By merging the Governor's Volunteer Awards and the Governor's Nonprofit Leadership Conference, we can celebrate the winners on a larger scale while honoring them in front of their peers as examples of the power of service and volunteerism.

Download the nomination packet here.

Nomination Deadline
Event Deadline and Location
Award Categories
Who Can Be Nominated
Nomination Criteria
GVA 2008 Winners

Nomination Deadline

August 28, 2009


Event Date and Location

December 9, 2009, at the Governor's Nonprofit Leadership Conference


Award Categories

Social Innovator Award (I)

Recognizes an individual who has created transformational change within a community by addressing both symptoms and root causes of social issues. Social Innovators identify the underlying causes of their communities' challenges, and implement innovative, multifaceted solutions. Any individual/group of individuals can be nominated for the Social Innovator Award.

Corporate Community Impact Award (I)

Recognizes a private sector entity/business for implementing programs that have demonstrable community impact. Corporate Community Impactors support skilled volunteering and pro bono professional service by their employees within faith-based and community nonprofits to improve nonprofits' business practices and service delivery. Corporations, media or other for-profit, private sector entities/businesses are all eligible for the Corporate Community Impact Award.

Public Innovator Award (I)

Recognizes a State of Texas or local government employee who implements an innovative, sustainable strategy to address a social issue. Public Innovators serve as social entrepreneurs, leveraging their knowledge of government social services to create public/private sector partnerships that develop successful programs with measurable results. Any individual employed by the State of Texas or a local government at the time of nomination can nominated for the Public Innovator Award.

Community Collaborator Award (2)

Recognizes an individual/group and an organization for creating and strengthening partnerships within their communities. Community Collaborators understand the importance of relationships, and develop connections between groups and individuals to help them craft collaborative solutions to local needs. One winner will be selected from the Individual/Group category and one from the Organization category.

Community Motivator Award (2)

Recognizes two individuals for outstanding service and volunteerism. Community Motivators have a strong ethic of service, a pure compassion for people and an inspirational nature to inspire those around them to serve. Any individual/group of individuals can be nominated for the Community Motivator Award.

First Lady's Rising Star Award

Recognizes the innovative efforts of an individual under I8 years of age serving and inspiring his/her community. Rising Stars use their unique talents to serve others, often while engaging those around them to join their cause. Nominees should demonstrate leadership, perseverance and creativity. Any individual under I8 years of age at the time of nomination can be nominated for the First Lady's Rising Star Award.

Governor's Lonestar Achievement Award

Recognizes the outstanding service of an individual who has enhanced the delivery of social services in Texas. Lonestar Achievers are those rare individuals that see impossible dreams and make them realities. Nominees should demonstrate a minimum of 15 years of serving and engaging others in service to be nominated for the Governor's Lonestar Achievement Award.


Who Can Be Nominated

  • Social Innovator Award (1) - An individual/group of individuals.
  • Corporate Community Impact Award (1) - Corporations, media or other for-profit, private sector entities/businesses.
  • Public Innovator Award (1) - A State of Texas or a local government employee.
  • Community Collaborator Award - Two categories.
    • Individual/Group (1) - An individual/group of individuals.
    • Organization (1) - Community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, nonprofits or civic groups.
  • Community Motivator Award (2) - Two individuals/groups of individuals.
  • First Lady's Rising Star Award (1) - An individual under 18 years of age.
  • Governor's Lonestar Achievement Award (1) - An individual who has spent a minimum of 15 years serving and engaging others in service.


Nomination Criteria

  • Nominees may be subject to background checks.
  • Nominees may be subject to phone interviews.
  • Award recipients and nominators will be asked to attend the Governor's Volunteer Awards ceremony on December 9, 2009, at the Governor's Nonprofit Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • OneStar reserves the right to use submitted materials and photos in event programs and other public distribution related to the Governor's Volunteer Awards or the Governor's Nonprofit Leadership Conference.


GVA 2008 Winners

Click here to view the 2008 GVA Winners.


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